Field of Dreams  8x10.jpg

Field of Dreams  8x10

A Marriage of Photographs & Gemstones

Bundle of Grapes 8x10 Photogem.jpg

A Bundle of Grapes  8x10

Horses Racing 2  5x7 easel.jpg

Racing Uphill  5x7


Grizzly Rambling  10x10.jpg

Rambling Grizzly Bear  10x10

Each Photogem is a Signed Original - over 90 to choose from

Bodie Ghost Town 2  8x10 easel.jpg

Bodie Ghost Town  8x10

Three Giraffes  8x8.jpg

Three Giraffes  8x8

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Ghost Town Collection


Wine Collection

6 Cards in each collection
1 for $6
3 for $15
6 for $25

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Almond Blossom Collection

Big & Tall Collection