left 8x8 geese copy.jpg

Geese Family Trekking 8x8

A Marriage of Photographs & Gemstones

8x10 Hor Lt Pg Crane copy.jpg

Crane in Flight 10x10

Centere butterflies copy.jpg

Butterflies in Hand  10x10

Each PhotoGem is a Signed Original - over 100 to choose from

rt low A Tree in the Vineyard 8x10.jpg

A Tree in the Vineyard 8x10

Each of my PhotoGems will show zero inventory until after the Columbia Art Show tomorrow, Sunday, September 18.

I will correct the inventory of those not sold at the show by Tuesday, September 20.

Thank you for your patience.                 Cynthia Biles

up rt giraffes copy.jpg

Three Giraffes  8x8

Free Shipping for most (continental U.S.)