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PhotoGems From Customer's Photo

Air Force Soldier.jpg

Step 1

Choose your favorite photo, as this soldier in his barracks, World War II. Fr. 36 will remove any unnecessary  background.

Green Gemstone.jpg

Step 2

A stone is chosen by Frame 36 to best "fit" the photo with the color, shape, and design of the stone.

Soldier Photogem.jpg

Step 3

The final PhotoGem is double matted and framed in a black shadowbox, ready to hang.

e-mail your favorite photo to

Frame 36 Photography at for a free evaluation

Note: The color of the stone "bleeds" through the photo where there is any white or light gray, as the skin tone in the soldier and the bride and groom, as well as the wedding dress.


If this is a problem, Frame 36 can use white marble, but the marble doesn't have any inherent design within it which can add dimension to the Photogem. 

Parents wedding.jpg
Pink Gemstone with detail.jpg
Wedding Photogem.jpg


Horse & Rider.jpg
Multi-colored Gemstone.jpg
Horse Profile Photogem.jpg

For the photo of the horse & rider, the customer wanted only the horse in the PhotoGem.

Note that the photo was reversed so the horse better "fit" the gemstone.


This pinkish gemstone was selected as the color is similar to skin tone.

Kids sitting on step.jpg
Pink & Burgundy Gemstone .jpg
Kids on Steps.jpg


English Setter.jpg
Gradient Blue Gemstone.jpg
English Setter Photogem.jpg

As shown in these samples, both  black-and-white and color photos work well as PhotoGems.


Abstracts of a photo can add a bit of mystery.

The stone in the PhotoGem of this young woman is actually a tile made to look like heavily grained marble.

Girl with hat.jpg
Marble Tile.jpg
Girl with Hat Photogem.jpg


Lazy Cat.jpg
Tan & Blue Gemstone.jpg
Lazy Cat Photogem.jpg

The cat's white legs were tinted dark gray in the photo used for this PhotoGem so the color and design of the stone would not bleed through, thus allowing the effect of the cat lying in a hammock.


This sonogram photo had to be reversed so that the baby showed up as black, as white would not show up on this green jade gemstone.

Jade Gemstone.jpg
Sonogram Photogem.jpg


Pricing for a custom PhotoGem using a Customer's Photo:  8x8 and 8x10, $100     10x10, $125      Plus shipping.

Size of PhotoGem is determined by size of stone and thus size of frame; all will be discussed by e-mail or phone with Frame 36 Photography and the customer during the process.

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for Custom Photogem

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