Shadowboxes, made of a durable composite, are all black and

are used on all PhotoGems.   The dimensions are shown below. 

Hangers are attached to the back of each frame.  The finished

piece is ready to hang or set on an easel. 



H 6 inches, L 8 inches, D 1 5/16 inches


H 9 inches, L 9 inches, D 1 5/16 inches


H 9 inches, L 11 inches, D 1 5/16 inches


H 11 inches, L 11 inches, D 1 5/16 inches


H 13 inches, L 13 inches, D 1/5/16 inches

(Height and Length will be reversed for vertical versions of the frames)


Each PhotoGem is glued to a matboard mount to give the impression it is floating.  A double mat is custom cut to fit each PhotoGem and is spaced above the PhotoGem about one inch, to give an additional impression of floating.   Colors of matboard are at the discretion of Frame 36.  All matboard used is of archival quality.


The choice of the gemstone and the photograph are at the discretion of Frame 36.  Once the image is affixed to the gemstone it is sprayed with varnish to enhance its beauty and add endurance.  As mentioned in the "About" section, petrified wood and marble tiles may also be used, at the discretion of Frame 36. These are also spray varnished.


A care label is attached to the back of each frame, basically instructing to clean the glass with a window cleaner, being careful to not allow the liquid to seep under the edge of the frame onto the matboard below it.  It is also recommended to NOT place the PhotoGem in direct sunlight.


As photos are not intended to be used in the ways described, there may be slight variations from the original photograph and the photograph on the finished PhotoGem.  Also, as computer monitors and cell phone screens vary, there may be subtle color differences from the screen view and the actual PhotoGems.


Each PhotoGem is signed and dated by the artist on the matboard. There is not a "numbered series" for any of the Photogems as each is a


Shadowbox sample.jpg