Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use my own photo on a Photogem?

I do make custom Photogems using customer photos (click on "Customer Photo" at the top of any page of my website for details and samples). However, not all photos will work. It's easiest to just e-mail me a few photos so I can tell you if I think they will work. There is no cost for this evaluation. ( If your photo will work, I'll choose a stone for it which will determine appropriate frame size to use. Most custom Photogems are a frame size of 8x8 or 8x10 and the cost averages from $100 to $125 plus shipping. It takes about 2 months to finish a Photogem, depending on my workload.

I'd like a gemstone using my photo for Christmas.

NOW IS THE TIME TO SEND ME A FEW PHOTOS IF YOU'D LIKE IT FOR CHRISTMAS! It takes about 1-2 months to finish a Photogem in non-holiday times, but Christmas is an especially busy time for me.

You don't have any Photogems of horses left on your website. When will you have more?

I create the Photogems in editions of about 20-25 at a time, 4 or 5 times a year, each edition taking about 2-3 months. If you want a subject that I frequently use I will most likely have more planned in the next edition, i.e. I always include giraffes and elephants and horses in every edition. If you let me know the subject you'd like and you're not in a hurry I will make several in the next edition and give you first choice of purchase before I add it to my website or art show or gallery.

Why the name "Frame 36 Photography"?

When I first began photography, using film, invariably frame number 36 on the roll of the film was my best photo.